Saturday, February 7, 2009

on my way home last night

First of all just want to say Advanced Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Hope you all have a nice and sweet V-day.
I haven't spoken yet about myself this past few days but last night I decided to post this experience of mine last night while on my way home, as i saw this man with his child sleeping on lap and holding on his hand a receipt of medicine he needs to buy for his son. I walked past the two of them, I couldn't remove the sight of them from my mind, then about 30 steps since I walk past them and noticed that I have some spare change in my pocket, I traced the route back to their place to simply put some money on the plastic cup in front of them, to secretly check the doctor's receipt which medicine is needed for the kid but sadly I didn't saw what's in that paper. I was really curious to see what is written, so i could know what it is. I couldn't remove the picture of them in my mind. I just hope them the best.